About the Clinic

The Florida Extension Plant Diagnostic Clinic, located at the Tropical Research & Education Center in Homestead, FL, is designed to provide plant disease diagnostic services for anyone interested in plant diseases and insect pests.

Our services include analysis of plant material for bacterial, fungal, viral, and nematode pathogens as well as the identification of insect pests. All diagnoses include appropriate control measures when available.

The Clinic is a facility of the Tropical Research and Education Center and a member of the Florida Plant Diagnostic Network. This alliance allows the clinic to maintain a strong connection with the leading researchers in the field of Plant Pathology. The clinic provides accurate plant diagnosis, prompt turn around time, professional services, and up-to-date management recommendations.

The Clinic promotes a “Test, Don’t Guess” attitude. Knowing the causal agent prior to taking action allows for more efficient use and selection of control methods. Be certain to remember when it comes down to chemical control recommendations always read and follow the appropriate manufacturer’s label.

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